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Health-Responsible Living

After looking for that 'magic pill' (natural or otherwise) for the last nearly three decades now, evidence suggests that one doesn't, and likely will never, exist.

Similarly, the answers don't appear to be trying to improve on our original 'design' through genetic engineering, and other artificial, unnatural, and unsafe means!

However, there is an answer, and it lies within yourself.  You see, what you can do for yourself - given the right direction, understanding, and appropriate support - is far more profoundly powerful and extraordinarily effective in regaining and maintaining your health, then anything someone can do for or to you.

Granted, there are multiple cutting-edge natural therapies available today - many of which we utilize in our practice - that would likely accelerate your healing. 

These therapeutic interventions can be a blessing and we are pleased to offer a number of them.

Ultimately, though, how your health progresses over the long run, is directly linked with your thorough understanding of what actually creates (and restores) health in your body and mind.

What creates health?

Your health, or lack of, is primarily the product of everything you think, feel, and do, day-in and day-out. Any health challenge, disease process, aches or pains, or anything else you are experiencing, is usually a consequence of, and always impacted by, your thoughts, feelings, and actions, over time.  

Expanding your understanding of what lifestyle habits actually encourage healing, coupled with your daily, consistent application of these habits until they become routine, is your success formula for restoring and maintaining your health, now ... and in your future.   

Knowing how to truly nourish your body, get more restorative sleep, consistently move your body (exercise), and effectively manage stress is critical to your success.

Combine these fresh, rewarding, and practical ways of living with our on-going support, guidance, and natural remedies and treatment (as indicated), and your feeling, looking, and functioning better is inevitable!

What interferes with the creation of health in your body?

As you go through each day of your life, some of your ten trillion cells in your body die, and others are born anew.  Healing and repairing naturally occur, as long as your body is provided with what it needs to do so. 

Your body depends on a plentiful supply of nutrient-rich food, restorative sleep, appropriate exercise, effective stress management, and more recently, detoxification support, to establish the foundation upon which your body recreates itself every day.

Poor health and disease arise when your body doesn't get sufficient amounts of any of these essential ingredients necessary to regenerate new, healthy cells

Another challenge to creating vibrant health every day occurs when the cumulative effect of the stress and toxicity in your life exceeds your body's ability to cope with it.


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In summary, we have found that looking below the surface reveals the true causes of illness, enabling us to create an effective healing program for our clients.

Our focus is to teach, inspire, and support you in improving your health and quality of your day-to-day living through the use of the most effective and efficient health interventions and educational resources available today.

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