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Dear Friend,

As a nation, we are getting sicker, fatter, and more incapacitated each year.  Cancer, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer's, thyroid problems are on the rise.  Surgical procedures and drug prescriptions are soaring, as are the resulting healthcare expenses and insurance premiums.

Every day I hear of family, friends, neighbors, and the community at large, suffering needlessly with largely preventable ailments. 

Is it because clear steps haven't been discovered
as to how to help prevent, and often reverse,
these life-threatening and debilitating illnesses?

Actually, no.

Simple, practical and effective steps have, in fact, already been discovered that can minimize your risk for developing most of the chronic degenerative diseases of our day.  Great strides have been made in even reversing these trends. 

Then why are more and more people succumbing
to sickness and disease if solutions currently
exist to help prevent them?

It's all about the 'Gaps'.

  • The big 'gap' between what has been proven to foster health and healing ... and that which we are led to believe actually supports our health, yet doesn't.
  • The huge 'gap' between the time a discovery is made revealing what we can do to help prevent (or even reverse) disease ... and the time that it takes until it is held and shared to be true. 
  • And, the enormous gap between what people think creates health ... and that which actually does.

Once understood, consistently implementing the lifestyle habits that genuinely encourage healing require a significant level of guidance and support ... both of which are largely unavailable today.

After studying, researching, collaborating with colleagues, and working with patients for over three decades now, I am now equipped and passionately committed to closing these gaps for you and anyone else who is dedicated to restoring their health, preventing disease, and in being well.  

I personally invite you to explore an opportunity to learn how to feel, look, and function better than you do, and perhaps better than you ever imagined possible.

Your partner in co-creating your best life,

Dr. Richard Powers, DC
Holistic Primary Care

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