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Depending on Dr. Powers' schedule, it may be necessary to place your New Client appointment request on a waiting list.

In most cases we can accommodate New Client appointments within about one month - sometimes sooner, and sometimes a bit longer.

Know that we will do whatever we can to get you scheduled as soon as possible, as we realize the urgency of your healthcare needs.

If you feel you still want to schedule an appointment with Dr. Powers given the potential delay, then please thoughtfully read the information below.

After doing so, you will have an opportunity to request an appointment and submit your contact information.

We will then contact you with either an appointment, or to let you know when we expect one to become available.

Thank you so much for your patience, and we look forward to assisting you in feeling and functioning your very best!

Before Requesting an Appointment, we ask that you:

  • Carefully read the New Client Orientation Materials outlined below
  • Click the links provided within, and thoroughly review the information there, as well. 

Doing so will help ensure you are clear as to what to expect as a New Client. This will enable you to plan accordingly, and ultimately, help you achieve the health goals and results you are striving for.

After you have read all the information the links directly you to, when you are ready to schedule an appointment, go to the bottom of  this page to "To Schedule Your  New Client Appointment, " and click the link within. 

If you have Medicare, be sure to review our Medicare Policy here before proceeding any further.

We are delighted for your interest in pursuing a wholesome and natural approach to healing. Our clients have celebrated many successes over the years, and we look forward to assisting you in reaching levels of health and well-being you only dreamed possible.

With 35+ years’ experience and vast diagnostic training and treatment options there is much Dr. Powers can do to restore optimal health.   

Before requesting a new client appointment, we ask that you thoughtfully read the information below (including associated links) that clarifies what, why, and how Dr. Powers is able to assist you in achieving your health goals. 

We also want you to understand what happens at your first appointment, and answer the most commonly asked questions around receiving care at his office, including our fees and payment options.

Experience has shown that when clients know what to expect (and what is requested of them), they have a more enjoyable experience and get better results.

So, if after reviewing the information and links below you feel that you would like Dr. Powers’ care and guidance, we would be glad to assist you with an appointment at that time.

Now, let's get started!

Can We Help You?

Dr. Powers has over 35 years of experience and success helping prevent disease, as well as providing natural solutions and guidance for most chronic health challenges and diagnoses, including (but not limited to):

  • ADHD (Attention deficit disorder (ADD); hyperactivity)
  • Autism (Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD))
  • Autoimmune disorders (thyroid; connective tissue; etc.)
  • Cancer co-care (e.g., immune support)
  • Chronic fatigue (adrenal fatigue; etc.)
  • Chronic infection (Lyme; HPV; Herpes Simplex; Herpes Zoster; candida; etc.)
  • Diabetes (including hypoglycemia; dysglycemia; Metabolic Syndrome)
  • Fibromyalgia; chronic pain
  • Food Sensitivities (e.g., gluten; etc.)
  • Gut/digestive disorders (Crohn’s; Celiac disease; ulcerative colitis; IBD; etc.)
  • Heavy metal toxicity (mercury; lead; arsenic; cadmium; etc.)
  • Hormonal imbalances (e.g., sex hormones; adrenal/stress hormones)
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Immune disorders (chronic inflammation)
  • Lyme disease (and other tic-borne illnesses)
  • Mood disorders (anxiety; depression; mood swings; etc.)
  • Neurodegenerative conditions (MS; Alzheimer’s; Parkinson’s; ALS; etc.)
  • Thyroid dysfunction (hypo/hyper; Graves; Hashimoto's; etc.)
  • Vascular disease (heart attacks; strokes; TIA; PVD; thrombophlebitis; etc.) 

Know that regardless of your health condition or diagnosis, there is likely much Dr. Powers can do to assist you in healing, feeling and in functioning significantly better than you currently are experiencing.

How? Dr. Powers utilizes a holistic, Functional Medicine “model” to assisting people in getting and staying well. This approach focuses on uncovering the underlying (and often undiscovered) causes of chronic health challenges.

Once revealed, Dr. Powers then offers wholesome, evidence-based solutions that naturally resolve those issues.

With Dr. Powers’ insightful guidance and your “ready-and-willingness-to-get-well” commitment, much can be accomplished to promote your healing and restore function to your body.

The 3-step approach to health and healing

(1) Discover the CAUSES of your health challenges:

  • What is missing ... that your body needs? Identify what your body needs to better heal and repair itself (e.g., nutrient replenishment; more restorative sleep; proper exercise; etc.)
  • What is in the way ... of your healing? Reveal anything that is interfering with your body’s ability to heal (e.g., unmanaged stress; excessive toxicity; hormonal imbalances; chronic infection, etc.).

"Clues" that reveal what is sabotaging your health are gathered through the use of:

  • Comprehensive medical, health, diet and lifestyle histories
  • Holistic physical examination findings
  • Conventional and Functional Medicine testing.

(2) Facilitate your healing by utilizing:

  • Personalized dietary and lifestyle health-coaching & education
  • Pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplementation & natural medicine
  • Safe & effective treatment options (including referrals, as indicated).

(3) Monitor and support your progress by:

  • Answering questions and trouble-shooting breakdowns
  • Re-testing key biomarkers and abnormal test results
  • Adjusting your nutritional and natural medicine prescription.

Your on-going education as to what truly creates health in your body plays a key role in achieving your health goals

Therefore, after the strategy to promote your healing has been reviewed with you, you will be supported, coached and provided with on-going assistance in implementing the new habits and lifestyle changes into your daily routine.

This is accomplished through health-coaching and support during private consultation with Dr. Powers, as well as through classes and courses he offers online and/or in class format.

Click here to learn more about Dr. Powers (this link helps you learn more about Dr. Powers’ training and experience in holistic, integrative, and functional medicine)

What to Expect as a New Client

Prior to your initial visit, you will be asked to fill out a detailed medical and health history. It takes most people approximately 2-3 hours to thoughtfully complete all of the history forms and questionnaires. It is imperative that you remember to bring these with you to your appointment.

NOTE: Some people actually mail (or email) their history and questionnaires to our office prior to their appointment to ensure that Dr. Powers has what he needs to move forward with your initial consultation appointment.

Your initial visit will be about two to three hours; about 60 to 90 minutes in consultation with Dr. Powers; and the remaining time with his Healthcare Assistants.

At the conclusion of your initial appointment with Dr. Powers, he will decide on and share with you specific recommendations for testing – according to what  he feels will help provide the necessary clues needed to reveal the underlying causes of your health challenges.

The “why” for each recommendation will be carefully explained, as well as the associated fees for the services he recommends for you. After sharing his recommendations, you will then decide which testing best suits your needs and healthcare budget.

This appointment ranges from $300 - $450, and requires a $100 deposit to reserve your appointment, as a substantial amount of time is being set aside for this appointment. The deposit is applied toward your balance due on the day of your appointment.

Please note: Once you have reserved your New Client Appointment, because of the amount of time we reserve for your appointment, we require 7-days notice if you decide to change or cancel your appointment; otherwise you will forfeit your $100 deposit.

Please click here to learn more about What to Expect as a New Client  (this link will provide additional detail around what to expect during your initial few visits, including the purpose of each appointment; as well as your time and financial investments)

Diagnostic Technology:

Most people seeking care have chronic or recurring, and often multiple health challenges and/or diagnoses. To adequately and effectively reveal the underlying causes in these cases, a combination of testing procedures are necessary.

Fees for this level of testing generally range from $895 and up - depending on any specialized “send-out” testing that may be indicated and recommended for you, e.g., gluten/food sensitivity testing; hormonal testing; gut/digestive testing; etc.

That said, there is much that can be done with minimal testing, particularly for less complex/chronic conditions. Ultimately, you decide what level of evaluation you feel is best for you based on how urgent you feel your health needs are, as well as considering your financial resources.

Click here to learn more about state-of-the-art Diagnostic Technology (this link will clarify some of the safe and valuable state-of-the-art testing technology that we have available)

Payment Options:

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, CareCredit, cash, and personal check. Although our office does not accept assignment of insurance benefits, most people find some level of care affordable.

Insurance: We do not accept insurance. If requested, we will provide you with a receipt for your services that is suitable for submission to your insurance company. (Note: Any supplementation prescribed is tax deductible.)

NOTE: Our office cannot predict what your insurance company may or may not reimburse. We suggest you contact your insurance company directly for more information. You may want to ask: How much of your deductible is remaining; what is your coverage for chiropractic care out of network, i.e., for adjustment; examination; consultation; blood testing.

Please click here for more details around Payment Options (this link will help clarify your payment options)

Summary of important links to review prior to Requesting a New Client Appointment:

What is Functional Medicine

Learn more about Dr. Powers

What to Expect as a New Client

Diagnostic Technology

Payment Options

Client Satisfaction Policy

To gain some additional insights as to what Dr. Powers does and why, we suggest you review the following links, as well:

What is Holistic Primary Care

Menu of Services

Nutrition & Natural Medicine



If AFTER reviewing all of the above information and associated links you are ready to schedule New Client Appointment. with Dr. Powers, please use the form below, and a health care assistant will contact you.

Click Here to Schedule an Appointment.


If after reviewing this information you are not yet ready or able to make an appointment at this time, but are interested in receiving meaningful and relevant holistic health information written and/or edited by Dr. Powers himself (including updates on current classes and upcoming online courses), please use the form below to be added to our "Healthy Updates" newsletter list.

Click here to sign up for Newsletter.

Finally, please feel free to call our office (772) 283-4046, if you have any other questions we may clarify for you that are not already answered within the information and links above.

We sincerely look forward to the opportunity to assist you in your health and healing!

“If you give your BODY more of what it wants
(right diet; proper exercise; restorative sleep) 

and less of what it doesn’t,
(toxic burden; unmanaged stress; chronic infection)

you’ll get more of what YOU want
(vitality & vibrant health)

and less of what you don’t."
(pain; disability; infirmity)  

                                                                       - Dr. Richard Powers